The Game of Contact


 Learn the natural approach to riding with contact:

Learn how to go from this… this.


Any time you pick up the reins, even briefly, you are making contact with the most sensitive part of the horse. Every rider should learn how to do that in a way that invites the horse to connect back rather than brace, resist or avoid it. This revolutionary approach teaches horses to be confident with the bit and riders to have more “feel”.

After five years of intensive dressage training and mentoring from world renowned dressage master, Walter Zettl, Linda Parelli has decoded the secret of teaching “contact”, the elastic connection between horse and rider via the bit. Discovering this method after years of trying to get her Dutch Warmblood, Remmer, to enjoy and understand contact, Linda has impressed Zettl with her ability to explain the unexplainable. As Mr. Zettl says: “I am recommending these DVDs to all my students and have sent them all over the world to my friends and dressage connections. Linda is teaching something most experts have not been able to describe and in this way is truly helping me in my work to keep dressage truly classic and beautiful.”

More recently, Mr. Christoph Hess, Director of Training for the German National Equestrian Federation said “I had a look at the DVDs and they just strengthened my impression of you, Linda, being a very exemplified calm and positive rider who sets a high value on the confidence and stretching of the horses. Your scale of training with the four different stages is quite similar to the classical scale of training that I am working with. Your approach of training and teaching horse and rider and the classical approach is not too different. I am convinced about this since I was able to see you training and also after watching your DVDs.”

As Linda Parelli says, “I call it the Game of Contact because it’s about the psychology of getting your horse to want to engage mentally,emotionally and physically… causing it to be their idea rather than something forced on them. It is absolutely in keeping with the Parelli philosophy of partnership with horses and now there is a clear pathway for carrying it through to the highest levels of performance and Finesse.”


The Game of Contact

This revolutionary approach teaches horses to be confident with the
bit and riders to have more “feel”. It also solves perplexing riding issues
such as:

  • fear and avoidance of the bit
  • head behind the vertical
  • hollow back
  • high headedness
  • short and choppy stride
  • tongue displacement issues
  • open mouth
  • grinding teeth
  • swishing tail
  • head tossing
  • not wanting to go forwards
  • … and more.


Advanced Game of Contact

In order to help students continue to advance even further in their Game of
Contact journey, Jackie will now be offering the Advanced Game of Contact
clinics. This course is designed for students who are working on
Stage 3 and focuses on improvement and advancing to Stage 4, with topics

  • Reviewing Stages 1, 2 & 3
  • Improving Stage 3 (Frame)
  • Beginning Stage 4 (Engagement)
  • Rider Seat & Posture
  • Refining aids
  • Transitions
  • Canter and Canter Leads
  • Beginning Flying Lead Changes
  • Applying Horse Behavior and Equine Psychology
  • Training Plans
  • Improving your Warm-Up
  • Troubleshooting and Problem Solving


Coaching and ongoing support

Jackie is one of only 6 personally selected & Certified Finesse Specialists (formally know as Game of Contact Instructors) in the world after intensive study with Linda Parelli. Jackie currently offers Rider Make overs, Finesse Training Sequence and Precision box courses (that include the Game of contact) throughout New Zealand and Australia for both riders and auditors to attend.  After attending a clinic or if you are studying from the Game of contact eductional pack DVD's & theory manual, Jackie also offers Private lessons and Video coaching as a fantastic way for you to stay progressive and supported on a regular basis along your journey.  Click here for information about Video coaching with Jackie.

For more information about Game of Contact click here.  To purchase The Game of Contact educational pack and begin this exciting new journey click here


Student feedback 

I've had 2 rides on Legacy since the game of contact last weekend. Yesterday it felt like we were just getting the hang of the game in our own paddock (less stimulation around to bring up the energy so had a bit more trouble with reins=go). But today, wow when I picked up the contact we were flying (figuratively speaking) along! It felt great!! Nose and neck and feet. I so appreciate you helping me to get unstuck, and helping Legs to understand what I was struggling to teach him. I finally feel like we're on the journey.

I also appreciate your challenge to not let our horses 'potter' along. The thought had never occurred to me that I didn't have to put up with that, silly though that is. So it was no more slouching along for Legs this weekend, and interestingly it didn't take much to achieve that. I'm very thankful for your help-and am looking forward to the next course (hopefully)  in the middle of the year!



Want to achieve Finesse without Stress? We recommend the following suppoort material:

  1. Finesse Manual by Linda Parelli
  2. Finesse Training Sequence DVD set with Linda Parelli and students
  3. Precision Box DVD set with Linda Parelli and students
  4. Game of Contact DVD set with Linda Parelli and students
  5. Scale of Training and Scale of Training in Action DVD sets with Christoph Hess, Linda Parelli and students.

To purchase any of these educational packs and begin this exciting new journey click here




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