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 If you would like to host a course in 2023 in your area please contact Jackie ASAP as dates are beginning to fill up! 


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North Canterbury Advancing Horsemanship 3 Day clinic

Fernside, North Canterbury

Type: 3 Day Clinic
Level: Intermediate - Advanced
Savvy: All 4 savvy's

This is a clinic designed to increase your skills, knowledge and understanding of what is required to achieve your goals on your horsemanship journey using the curriculum of the NEW Happy horse happy life curriculum by Linda Parelli 'How to Talk Horse'. We will cover topics such as, Horse behaviour and psychology, Relaxation, Responsiveness, suppleness, Confidence, Harmony, Problem solving, Putting Principal to purpose on the ground online, at liberty, and while riding. It is also a wonderful opportunity to hang out with your horse for 3 whole days guided by one of Linda Parelli's hand picked instructors with over 22 years experience teaching. This clinic has limited numbers so be in quick - bookings and deposit for full payment will hold your spot.

Course Cost: $645.00
Rider Fee $645
Spectator Fee $65 per day or for 3 days ONLY $130!!! (1 day for free)

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Start date:06/01/2023
End date: 08/01/2023

Instructor: Jackie Chant Certified Master Happy Horse Happy life Instructor / Mentor
Contact Person: Jackie Chant
Contact: 0275727355

Happy Horse Clinic - Becoming a better rider

The Chant Ranch, 351 Hamptons Road, Broadfields, Christchurch 7676

Type: 2 Day Clinic
Level: Beginner - Intermediate
Savvy: Theory, Simulations and Riding

In this clinic you are going to learn so much about how to become a better rider and a better leader for your horse. What is a good rider? Many people would say a good rider has skills such as… *Sits up straight *Has a ‘good’ position *Can stay on almost no matter what *Has advanced riding skills such as flying changes, jumping, slide stops, collection… But what would your horse say is a good rider? Most likely it would be a rider that has qualities such as… *A kind heart *A considerate attitude *Gentle hands *Steady legs *Good balance *Self-carriage *A plan - good leadership qualities. It is important not to confuse skills with quality, nor should they be separated. No matter how skilled a rider is, the quality of their riding is what makes a horse happy. What score would your horse give you as a rider? In this clinic we are going to explore each of these qualities which will set you on a new pathway of discovery, awareness and give you the strategies for MASSIVE IMPROVEMENT and as a result your leadership will improve HUGELY! Horses attending must be at a stage in their development that they no longer have any major control issues as this will stop you from you being able to work on yourself. This is the perfect follow on clinic from the Happy Horse Confidence and Speed Control clinic held on Oct 1/2nd or the Happy Horse clinic 2 - Connection, relaxation and responsiveness held on December 10/11th 2022. Time: 9.00 - 4.30 each day.

Course Cost: $385.00
RIDER EARLY BIRD PRICE: $350 (must be paid in full by 31st December 2022).
Full fee: $385

Auditor prices:
Full fee $136 or Earlybird price $120!!
All Children attend free with a paying adult.

*Venue and yard fee's are not included in this price

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Start date:11/02/2023
End date: 12/02/2023

Instructor: Jackie Chant Certified Master Happy Horse Happy life Instructor / Mentor
Contact Person: Jackie Chant
Contact: 0275727355

Christchurch Focus Group

The Chant Ranch, 351 Hamptons Road, Broadfields, Christchurch 7676

Type: Focus Group
Level: All Levels
Savvy: all Savvy's

Group learning at it's best! Meeting regularly with like minded people can help you stay focussed and motivated to achieve your horsemanship goals. At the beginning of the Focus group we have a goal setting zoom meeting to all get clear on each others goals and help Jackie to move you towards them systematically step by step over all of the sessions. This is a wonderful opportunity to become familiar with Linda Parelli's NEW Happy horse happy life program with guidance from Jackie who is in constant contact with Linda Parelli with ongoing teacher training in this exciting new curriculum 'How to talk Horse'. The intention of a Focus Group is for students to learn and develop themselves, and their horses in a supportive and progressive environment. It is therefore Jackie's expectation that signing onto this focus group, will mean you will commit to ... * Attending each of the 4 sessions. * Updating her on your successes and challenges no later than ONE WEEK PRIOR to each session via email, so the focus for the next lesson can be prepared. Dates are as follows - (9.30am - 12.30pm), Feb 26th, Mar 19th, Apr 16th, May 14th (dates are subject to change if weather causes postponements) Goal Setting zoom meeting date will be confirmed closer to the start date. BE IN QUICK, TO SECURE YOUR SPOT AS THEY WILL FILL UP FAST!!

Course Cost: $490.00
Full Price Discount $490 for all 4 sessions SAVE $50 (if paid in full by February 18th)
Flexi Pay Option Full Fee per session, $135 paid 1 week prior to each session date.

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Start date:26/02/2023
End date: 14/05/2023

Instructor: Jackie Chant Certified Master Happy Horse Happy Life Instructor/Mentor
Contact Person: Jackie Chant
Contact: 0275 727 355