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Jackie offers a range of learning experiences and tools to help you make progress on your horsemanship journey.  You can attend with or without a horse, and in both cases you will take away more information and inspiration to continue your education at home with your horse.   Email Jackie for a current price list of services or if you have any questions about the best option for your needs and how to get the best value.    

Private lessons
Private lessons are usually aimed at students who need more one on one tuition to help them through particular challenges or to learn something more specialised.  They are a minimum of one hour and a maximum of two hours. If you would like to have a shared lesson with a friend this is also an option.   Jackie will travel to you (within the Canterbury region) or you can come to her facility in Broadfields, Christchurch.  Go to The Chant Ranch for location and directions.  
Ask about our 'Progressive lesson package discount deal' - it is a great gift idea!   

Focus Groups
Focus groups are a progressive group lesson package, with 4-6 students for 4x 3hour sessions plus a  horseless goal setting session.  This is an opportunity for students to get together in an area on a monthly basis to stay focussed and keep motivated and make rapid progress with guidance from Jackie on goal setting, play session planning and problem solving.  If you would like to arrange & host a Focus group in your area please contact Jackie

A workshop is 1 full day focussing on a specific topic in the 'How to talk horse' curriculum.  It could be a Developing a connection at Liberty or Advancing your Liberty, Becoming a better rider or even building confidence with obstacles and Trailers.  You can request a workshop in your area with an existing group or we can organise them with local coordinators.  Workshops are available for 6-10 students allowing time for you to participate in simulations, experiment with new concepts and focus on specific skill building and problem solving.

Horseless workshops & Educational demonstrations
Horseless workshops are a fantastic way to keep motivated and focus on the detail of a specific topic such as Reading horse behaviour, Balanced rider posture or even rope handling skills.  They include Demonstrations either with a horse or on DVD, simulations and theory sessions with attention to detail and question and answer sessions.  They are fun and social and perfect in the winter months. 
We hold a winter series of horseless workshops as well as summer educational
demonstrations.  These are open to any level student.

2-3 day Clinics
Clinics are held over 2-3 days and are desigend to take your relationship to a new level of 
Connection and understanding.  Some clinics may be topic specific to certain modules of the
'How to talk horse' program such as, The core behaviours or Confidence and impulsion etc.
If you would like to host a clinic, you will discuss with Jackie what he needs are of the riders
and she will choose a clinic to suit! 

Simulations help us to see life from the horses point of view while gaining skills.There is time for theory, simulations and trouble shooting with each day building on the day before. You will be amazed at how much this will speed up your progress and set you up for success!

5 day Courses & Camps
Allow yourself to be immursed for 5 full days of education, inspiration, focus and support with no distractions, just you and your horse and like minded people.  5 day courses give us the opportunity to cover modules in greater detail.  This is the ultimate experience in learning with the opportunity to develop more depth of understanding.  With theory, group simulations (to experience life from the horses perspective), demonstrations and practical hands on help with your horse you are really owning your own learning!  You have the opportunity and time to install new habits, patterns and advance your horsemanship to new heights! 

Video Coaching
Long distance learning with Jackie's expert guidance and support to achieving your horsemanship goals.  Click here for more information

Horse Development
Young horse training, Foundation training and problem solving. Click here for more information.


Why attend a Clinic?

Whether a two day clinic or up to a five day course, having an opportunity to immerse yourself surrounded by like minded people, nothing else to think about but you and your horse while guided by an experienced Instructor with 22 years experience teaching Natural horsemanship and now the Happy horse Happy Life program is the ultimate way to make progress and stay on track.  The feedback we get from students who have pushed themselves out of their comfort zone and attended a clinic to advance their horsemanship is always the same - they can't believe how much they've learnt in such a short space of time.  Fast tracking them through the program and setting them up for months of progress with what they have learnt.
Since being a student in the Parelli program and having the privilege to teach it for 21 years before now joining Linda Parelli at Happy Horse Happy Life, to teach her NEW How to talk horse program, Jackie can not emphasise enough the power and depth of learning while in the clinic environment.  During a clinic, Jackie is able to share her experiences with you to expand your knowledge to set you up for success! 

What is an 'Auditor'?

Attending a clinic as an auditor means that you do not bring your horse.  However you are not just a spectator, you are involved in simulations and theory sessions, can ask questions and have the added benefit of observing everyone who is there with their horse.  You will be expected to bring your own chair and a note book if you like taking notes and to attend the full days teaching.  If you can not get your horse to a clinic or workshop, this is the next best way to get involved and learn the valuable lessons and attention to detail that are only learnt at clinics as well as meeting like minded people! 

What does it cost?

Course costs are listed with the courses and will vary with the duration and location of the
course.  Please contact Jackie for any above pricing details.

Gift certificates are available! 

We value your feedback!

If you have any ideas about how we can improve this website or any of our services we very much value your feedback.  Or, if you would like to share your experiences after attending a lesson, workshop or clinic please contact Jackie



Hi Jackie, 
With focus group coming up for the summer season, I have started to form my personal goals based on where I am with Pops, and where we are heading to... and oh boy it is starting to get exciting! This got me thinking - Pops and I, are where we are in our partnership, I am sure, in part, because of our (and your) commitment to participating in Focus Groups EVERY season for the last 7 years! I am completely sold on the advantages of a Focus Group, and as a teacher myself, I KNOW it is the absolute best way to learn, no matter your age, stage, or ability. The main benefits for me (and any learner) are... 

  • There is someone looking over your process/habitual behaviours every month! You are wonderful at suggesting and correcting!
  • As a learner you see others with their horses, with the range of  horsenalities and get to see how things are set up for success - not matter what!
  • I personally LOVE mixed ability learning, as it allows for seeing where you are heading, and reminding others of how far they have come! Also, we are fortunate to revisit foundational concepts regularly.
  • For me personally, the biggest benefit has been part of a herd of horses, and dealing with the emotions that inevitably come up and then noticing the growth from this. Of course from here is the personal emotional fitness development!
  • The monthly lessons of course mean there is regular checking in with our goals – reflection and building on the successes. 
  • Watching YOU play with multiple horses – I never turn down this opportunity, as it is always so educational!
  • I love having you only a text, email or even a phone call away to celebrate the successes in between visits (and to help me trouble shoot when I am stuck) - I think this is so valuable for a learner in a tricky situation, and I am grateful and acknowledge how much it requires from you to do this. 
  • My absolute favourite - celebrating as a group EVERYONES successes – nothing better! 

As I often say Jackie, you are an absolute expert at catering to ALL needs no matter what level. You break the concepts down into ALL 4 savvies to help EVERYONE experience success, no matter what level we are at. I am so excited to continue this format again at our North Canterbury Focus Group and can't wait to see what we can achieve!  Kristie Morrison


Learning with Jackie

Back in 2017 I found myself not wanting to play with my horse and it took ages to name the problem and realise I was stuck. My study buddy had the genius idea that we go together to Jackie’s for a Progress Week to get it sorted.  It was the best thing ever.   

The problem was sorted in the first hour! And the progress we both made that week was way, way more than we could ever had achieved on our own at home.  We had a three hour lesson each day for five days which gave time to absorb the learning, have a go, have it go wrong, and get help clarifying and fixing.  The week was so good in fact that we have made it an annual event, and now it’s the absolute highlight of my horsey year.

Over the years I have learned to trust Jackie (which is saying a lot coming from super-skeptical me!)

I trust Jackie with my confidence in the saddle. After a couple of falls my riding confidence is now fragile.  I find that Jackie is exceptionally good at reading my horse and me.  She seems to know how far to push me without going too far, and while I have been seriously challenged, I have never felt ‘pushed over the cliff’.  A big part of this is because Jackie pays attention.  Attempting new things can be scary, but whenever I have needed immediate attention, Jackie is right there with eyes on, and with the right words at the right time.

I trust Jackie with my confidence as a learner.  I often hesitate and feel silly asking questions that I think I ought to know the answer to.  However, Jackie encourages questions, takes them seriously (and insists there is no such thing as a dumb question!), and takes the time to explain (even though I am sure she’s answered this for me before).  She has a good handle on what it’s like to learn.

I trust Jackie’s judgement.  If she says I should have a go at something (stick riding, jumping, wearing spurs), I have learned to not doubt that I will be ok, and that it’s doable.  Recently I asked her to help me choose a new horse to purchase.  On my own there is no way I would have bought the one she recommended (I thought it was far too forward, fizzy and beyond my capabilities).  Turns out Jackie was right and the horse is an absolute keeper!

Learning with Jackie is fun.  On my own I struggle with imagination and thinking up new ways to teach my horse.  Jackie has no such problem and seems to have an endless supply of simple, fun things for my horse and I to do.  While it’s fun, it’s also very progressive.  I am amazed at how my horsemanship has advanced thanks to learning in person with Jackie.  

Michelle Lang.




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