Horse Development Training Naturally


While the Parelli levels program teaches people to train their own horse in the Parelli system, there are some situations with horses that are best handled by a professional for reasons of safety, expertise or excellence. 

Parelli Professional Horse Development Specialists have invested considerable time and effort to develop their skills and learn Pat Parelli’s natural approach to handling, starting, developing and re-naturalizing horses.  You are provided with a diary of the progress your horse has made during the training period and a plan to go home with to set you and your horse up for success in developing a special partnership.  On going support from Jackie is an important part of that plan to assist you in reaching their full potential!


Jackie is certified by Parelli as a Licensed Horse Development Specialist covering these four categories:  

Young Horse handling        

  • -Qualified to handle & develop foals, weanlings and yearlings.                                                                      
    Early learning and pre-saddle training can really set your young horse up for success making the process so much easier for the horse.  If we develop positive learned behaviours early on we can often prevent accidents and training issues in the future.
  • Horse Starting   
    - Qualified to start horses under saddle.
    Includes handling on the ground, tying, float loading, saddling and riding (passenger and guiding) using the Parelli Colt Starting skeleton of: Accept the human, accept the saddle, accept the rider, accept the bridle.
  • Foundation training
    -Qualified to develop horses from Level 1 to Level 4 using the Parelli foundation program. 
    A more experienced horseman can bring a horse on in it's education much quicker than someone learning as they go.  This can be helpful if you have hit a difficult patch in your training and need specific help to overcome a problem or you just want make rapid progress in your young horses education.
  • Difficult Horse training / Problem solving
    -Qualified to re-develop horses that are innately difficult in nature or who have become difficult in human hands. 
    Things like being hard to catch, leading safely, float loading, handling feet, tying up, accepting the saddle and problems while riding are all things that can be addressed.                                                                                  

 For more information regarding young horse handling and training, please contact Jackie.


 “A good start isn’t something…. It’s everything!”  Pat Parelli

Meet 'One Dot Domino'

I began playing with 'Domino' at 5 weeks old after a call from his owners needing help to stay safe and begin his education.  He was bred for Harness Racing and his owners were wanting to take a natural approach to his training!  My plan for 'Domino' was to prepare him for the environment and career he was bred for.  As a left Brained extrovert, 'Domino' was very playful and opinionated!  We made steady progress with the seven games in short sessions and lots of imagination!  'Domino' learned to accept many things he would be exposed to in the Racing environment to best prepare him before going to the Race trainer as a 2 year old.  He is now currently in Race training and his trainer was blown away at how easy he has been to train from the beginning.  He has won a trial race and they are very confident he will continue to improve!

Domino gains confidence dragging from both sides.    

Breaking things down for Domino to gain confidence!

     More confidence building for his racing career!               




                   Domino goes to the the Race trainers at 2 years old.



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